In Africa, legumes are often used in place of meat or seafood in most main dish recipes. The African main dishes listed below are made from meat, fish and seafood. There are several great recipes for you to enjoy!

The type of meat or seafood often varies from region to region, with lamb, beef, goat, and chicken being the most common meat options and tilapia, perch and shrimp for seafood. Special seasonings and spice blends are used to create flavorful dishes.

Chicken Curry
Ethiopian Doro Wat
Ethiopian Siga Wat
Grilled Goat Roast
Grilled Lamb Roast
Kenyan Beef Stew
Braised Liver
Moroccan Lamb Stew
Swahili Prawns
Tilapia, Pan-Fried
Tilapia Stew

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