African Appetizers are mainly made during special occasions like holidays, festivities, weddings, and parties.

The most commonly used ingredients for appetizers are onions, plantains, bananas, yams, potatoes, cassava, corn and beans. These are seasoned with special spice and herb blends that create flavors unique to each region.

Listed below, are some of the best and most common appetizers from African countries and regions.

Akara Fritters
Baked Sweet Potato
Bhajias (Potato Fritters)
Black Eyed Bean Dip
Buticha (Chickpea Spread)
Boiled Cassava
Boiled Corn
Grilled Corn
Boiled Plantain
Cassava Fries
Ethiopian Iab Cheese
Kofta Kebabs
Moroccan Lamb Cigars
Onion Bhajias (Onion Fritters)
Plantain Fritters
Sweet Potato Fries
Samosas, Vegetable

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